A centre for the gay and lesbian emancipation movement

Gay and lesbian activists scored several victories. Lesbians generally became involved in bourgeois feminism as a way to assert their interests and to fight for the right to their own careers and independence, as well as the right to political activity and the right to vote. In our youngest issue, Gay News , December Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.

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The riots and ensuing protests are credited with spurring the US gay rights movement, but five decades later, those who were there say there's more work to do. A visit is worthwhile not only because of the excellent film selection, but also because of the homely atmosphere, which is reminiscent of a relaxed film evening with friends.

Could all this have changed so dramatically? But not everyone shares this view. Besides, and in addition to the subterranean connection with the latter, would-be revolutionary moral authority also ended up turning the prevailing heterosexism and homophobia critical terms which did not exist at the time, and hence were unintelligible into a virtue, thus reproducing and reinforcing them.

A centre for the gay and lesbian emancipation movement
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