Gay le film

The second major criticism of the film at its release came from gay activists who felt that the film had a homophobic political message, and that it portrayed gay men as being attracted to violence, which could in turn justify homophobic hate crimes.

In retrospect, William Friedkin said: " Cruising came out around a time that gay liberation had made enormous strides among the general public. Citadel Press. This movie represents the only film soundtrack work by the punk rock band the Germs. Hart Kylo-Patrick, [28] "Two months after the film's release, a bar prominently displayed in the movie came under attack by a man with a sub-machine gun, killing two patrons and wounding 12 others.

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gay le film

Comme les autres 1 h 33 min. Pas vraiment le même humour tout de même. Un coup de coeur pour sûr. Chouchou 1 h 45 min. Sortie : 30 mai

Gay le film
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